Japanese Language Education Program

We aim to develop Japanese language teachers and Japanese language education support personnel who can flexibly respond to the needs of diverse educational settings both in Japan and overseas. Students with diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to teach Japanese as a foreign language through collaborative learning, and develop analytical skills rooted in a deep education in the humanities and social sciences. By cultivating this, you will acquire practical skills that will allow you to expand the scope of Japanese language education.

Image of the class to be taken

Classes to take

Students who participate in the "Japanese Language Education Program" take classes to acquire the knowledge and skills to teach Japanese language and culture. In addition to deepening your studies in Japanese language pedagogy and linguistics, you will also learn about classical Japanese literature, modern and contemporary literature, Chinese literature that is popular mainly in Asia, and Chinese literature that is attracting attention worldwide. Masu. We will also explore the society and culture of Germany and France, where advanced efforts are being made to promote multicultural coexistence, economics and sociology that support diverse human activities, and music and aesthetics that are essential to human cultural activities. By realizing learning that goes beyond existing academic disciplines, we aim to become Japanese language educators who have acquired global knowledge.

Image of various activities and voices of participating students

Diverse activities and voices of participating students

The classes in the Japanese Language Education Program have two characteristics: ``Collaborative learning between international students and Japanese students'' and ``Japanese language education integrated program.'' The required classes are "Japanese language education comprehension subjects (required)", "Japanese language education practical subjects (required)", "Japanese language education education understanding subjects (required)", "Multicultural understanding basic subjects (elective required)", "Multicultural understanding subjects (required)" It consists of ``Cultural Understanding and Development Subjects (required electives)''.

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Collection of Japanese language teaching materials

Japanese language teachers need knowledge of Japanese language pedagogy and a correct understanding of the structure of the Japanese language. Here we publish videos that provide an overview of Japanese language education and explain the structure of Japanese audio.
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