Education for Children with Foreign Backgrounds

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Required coursework

Students enrolled in the "Education Program for Children with Foreign Backgrounds" are required to take a total of 20 credits in three categories: (1) subjects dealing with the relationship between cross-cultural understanding/cultural diversity and education, (2) subjects related to Japanese language education as a second language, and (3) internship-related subjects. Upon successfully completing these credits, the university gives a certificate of completion.

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Various Activities

The program includes internships at schools where there are many children with foreign backgrounds. In addition, as part of the school experience study, students can visit Coexistence Support Center of Osaka City, schools with education centers for children who need Japanese language instruction, and high schools that implements multicultural activities. These experiences provide a broad understanding of how children with various backgrounds engage in learning.

Images of voices of participating students

Students’ Voices

Students will learn a variety of things through this program. You can discover what participating students have learned through their voices.